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Item# Our Price Quantity  
92295A-MICR-C $59.00

OEM Equivalent 95 micr toner cartridge-for printing BANK CHECKS

HP 95A Black Remanufactured MICR Toner Cartridge (92295A)

Remanufactured MICR Hewlett Packard fitsAcom-Comp lx3808d, lx3808, lx4808; Alcatel 8378; Alps lsx-1000; Anzac-Comp 3008; Applied-Comp acs-ljiid; Birmy pal, pal-plus; Blaser ii; Business-Sys lasersoft-print-iii; Chelgraph proofing-printer-8ppm; Compugraphic cg408; Computer-Lang formwriter-2mx, formwriter-2ex, formwriter-2exd; Comterm laser-ii; CPT lp-8; Data-General 6456, 5454x, 6454, 9454; Decision-Data 6208; Digital-Laser plus-141; Digital-{DEC} ln05, laser-2150, laser-2200-plus, laser-2100-plus, ln06, ln06p, laser-2250-plus, laser-2250, laser-2200, laser-2100, laser-2150-plus; Eicon script-400-version-1, laser-400, script-400-version-2; Electronic-Forms 2exd, 2ex, 2mx; Frostbyte maxx-8; Gbt 6636-xp, 6636-lx, 6606-xp; Genicom 7610, 6100, acewriter, 6142-acewriter, 6145, 6000, 6140-acewriter; Gestetner lx-800, glx-801, laser-800, gld-801, gls-800; Hewlett-Packard 33447-a-laserjet-iid, 33440-a-laserjet-ii, 33449-a-laserjet-iii, 33459-a-laserjet-iiid; IDS lpc3; Imagen 2308-s, imagestation-s Meets US Banking Standards and Tested on a Check Scanning Device.

Replaces: 92295A


 Product Details
Item # 92295A-MICR-C
Manufacturer O
Color black
Maximum Yield 3,000
Product Type OEMEquiv
Warranty 1 Year
OEM Equivalent (with new components) compatible MICR Cartridge meets all magnetic standards for printing
ISO 9001 production quality
BETTER than original manufacturer
Ft. Myers, Fla Denver Phoenix