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Terms and Conditions for Purchase

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  • To sell to OOT you must first obtain a purchase order. OOT is not responsible for items shipped without a valid PO number clearly labeled on boxes and pallets. To receive a purchase order, fax your inventory to 303-934-4460
  • Prices on quotations are valid for 48 hours. Once the purchase order is issued, the product must ship within 48 hours of receiving the proper shipping documentation from OOT (i.e. Purchase order and Bill of Lading) Any purchase orders that are not received within the specified period will be voided or subject to price variances due to market changes


  • Minimum order is 50 acceptable toners to receive full dealer market pricing. Any cartridges not on our buy back list or on the original purchase order will be charged a $1.00 per piece fee for costs incurred for shipping, handling and disposal.
  • OOT will pay for freight on shipments of 150 acceptable units or more. On shipments less than 150 units, the supplier is responsible for shipping the product to OOT'S warehouse. OOT will reimburse seller .80 per cartridge on shipments less than 150 units.
  • OOT is not responsible for lift gate charges or residential fees.
  • On shipments that have been arranged and paid for by OOT, OOT will charge back to supplier the cost of freight for orders that do not total 150 units or more, either due to shortages, damaged cartridges, or cartridges not listed on the original purchase order/buy back list.


  • It is the responsibility of the supplier to package the product to avoid damage during shipping. OOT is not responsible for product that is received damaged due to shipping or packaging errors
  • It is to the benefit of the supplier to package laser cartridges in their original boxes, newspaper or bubble wrap to keep shutter doors or small tabs from being broken or damaged during shipping.
  • Box weight for UPS shipments should not exceed 50 pounds each and should be clearly marked with the corresponding purchase order number.
  • Pallets need to be shrink wrapped well and no more than 6 feet high. Pallets should be clearly labeled with customer information and corresponding purchase order number.


  • Any product that is received damaged or unacceptable to OOT may be shipped back at the supplier.s request and expense.
  • At supplier.s request, discrepancy reports can be emailed or faxed prior to payment.


  • Payment terms are Net 15 from date of receipt. All payments are accompanied by a discrepancy report detailing the product received.


  • For any further questions or comments, please contact your purchasing representative at 303-972-1754

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